• {I'm Aaron McGuire}

    Aaron McGuire Overview:

    McGuire is best known as one of the world's best personalties and recently won Radio Shacks "People with Amazing Charisma and Remote Control Cars" contest in Idaho for third straight year, --competing against handfuls of contestants. During business hours, Mr. McGuire works at Evolution Bureau as their head of technology, where he infuses todays latest tech with a calm and youthful smile. Outside of business hours he reflects back on the previous day of business only to find himself waking up in the next business day, and then thinking about the future's business day. Only one thing in this paragraph is acutally true.

    Quick Aaron McGuire Facts:

    • Aaron McGuire was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of notable television series that used the city as a setting include Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and the Stargate series.
    • McGuire, in 2010 setup automatically horizontally scaling hosting solution for Facebook Inc, utilizing Amazon Web Services and RightScale.
    • McGuire worked for 5 years as a designer in which he thankfully worked on Discovery Channel, Fox Searchlight, Def Jam Records, YYY's, Three One G Records.
    • In 2011, McGuire was named one of top 10 technologists in the country
    • In 2009, McGuire and his friends Brig White, Taran Chadha and Richard Fleming created an online site where a viewer could interact with a real-life paintball gun in-which they controlled and shot two paintballs per turn, at a live actor, on a set. The entire project cost $2500 and was up for an entire month.
    • In 2007, McGuire lived in a tent for an entire year in order to pay off all of his debt.
    • In 2003, McGuire, (a mid-western freelancing white guy) talked to Ghostface Killah about making updates to his website.
    • In 2001 - 2005, McGuire and his close friends Jerry and Alison Smithclay, collaborated together and created BeautyEdge┬« --a custom design print t-shirt company.
    • In 1999, McGuire started a hosting company that he maintained and sold to a local ISP with over 300 clients.