• { Apollo Player }

    Music is pretty important to our culture. And when ARGONAUT started to outgrow the iPad-based music player in the office (and took over another floor here at 576 Folsom), we wanted something easier to use, and more democratic when it came to the way we group-listen to our jams.

    There were interesting things out there (like Partify) — but nothing fit our needs 100%. It had to be something that made it super easy for anyone to add tracks, to see what was playing and who added it, was responsively built, stable — maybe even look good up on a big screen at ARGONAUT.

    So we built it.

    We’ve released ARGONAUT’s first open source playlist app, APOLLO. It uses Mopidy (and the Mopidy Spotify plugin) to create a social listening experience for your home or office.

    Users authenticate via Twitter, then search the Spotify library and add tracks to the playlist, which plays on the local machine (via Node.js server). When the playlist runs out, it switches to a default playlist that you define.

    Users can also bomb a track — if it receives 3 downvotes, it plays a Spotify track to announce the bomb (we use ‘children booing’) — then skips to the next track.

    In addition to Mopidy and Spotify, it primarily uses web sockets, Node.js, and Backbone. We’ve tested it on OSX, Debian & Ubuntu and it seems to work pretty well. Hook your machine up to some speakers you’ve got a party.

    You can check it out on Github, give it a whirl — even make it better.