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{ The GE Air Show }

GE approached EVB with an interesting challenge. The client knew that they wanted to engage their Facebook audience with a campaign that involved the Makerbot, but they needed an idea. The Makerbot is a very interesting place to start - the machine and the technology behind it is amazingly innovative - but it wasn't enough to simply show the Makerbot "making things."

The entire air show was produced in a matter of weeks with the help of a Makerbot expert named Gian Fabio we tracked down and very resourceful production company called Impact Media. In a matter of days, we crafted a tabletop air field and began to solicit requests from the GE community. Before long, we fielded hundreds of responses and built a number of creative items, including a B1 Bomber, a bi-plane, a DaVinci air ship, a zeppelin and a flying pig.

Each week, the agency would shoot, edit and release video episodes that were built around the content that the Makerbot had created. The campaign became the focal point of the GE Facebook experience for over 4 weeks and the videos continue to engage Makerbot and GE fans alike. Below is a sample of one of the videos that we created.