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{ Shoot The Banker }

Some of us deal with this recession by sitting outside our former boss's home watching the family make cookies and play twister. Here's an alternative: Control a robotic paintball gun from your computer and use it to shoot real bankers over a live video stream. It's recession revenge at it's finest. For one month, the fiscal felons stealing your money were no longer untouchable. The payback was 100% live and anonymous.

We posted the site on our Facebook pages and overnight the site became an internet sensation. Angry humans queued up behind thousands of other angry humans for their chance to aim and fire a paintball gun at a live actor playing the role of "banker" on a faux stage. The cue for the gun quickly became jam-packed and the wait stretched over an hour, then two hours, then three hours long. The site was soon being visited by over 46,000 people a day. Shoot the Banker was a media phenomenon and was featured on news networks, major blogs and even became a guest on a live radio show. The banker filled up Twitter and Facebook. Fans created websites and response videos by the dozens and STB Youtube videos reached a total of over 3 million hits. The site itself reached over 1 million hits. Shoot the Banker wasn’t all paintballs and cursing though. There was also an educational page which highlighted the infamous culprits of the recession and their crimes. Visitors could also donate to Habitat for Humanity for those who lost their homes due to unemployment

All this, with no media promotion, in under 3 weeks.